Amazing Machines Set

Length: 4 volume set

Amazing Agricultural Machines is an all new, action-packed series of four programs which shows the development and vast diversity of machines used in agriculture and horticulture. This four-part series provides a powerful opportunity for studying these machines in action in many different settings around the world.

Students will not only learn about the diversity of agricultural equipment, but will also discover the driving forces behind today's widespread mechanization in the industrialized world. Tractors, threshers, harvesters and farm equipment of all kinds are shown, as well as machines used in the ever-expanding area known as "outdoor power equipment' or OPE.

This entertaining series weaves history in with the very latest farming and landscape machinery for a unique look at this industry.

This series includes the following webcasts:
•    Agricultural Machines Vol. 1: History & Development
•    Agricultural Machines Vol. 2: Modern Machines
•    Agricultural Machines Vol. 3: Outdoor Power Equipment
•    Agricultural Machines Vol. 4: Safety, Costs & the Operator

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