Propagation Vol. 6: Grafting Vegetables - Approach and Cleft Grafting

Length: 28 minutes

Grafting is a well-known method of improving crop performance of long-lived, woody plants like fruit and nut trees, roses and grapes. Grafting is also used commercially to improve vegetable crops. Now, with this new DVD, horticulture instructors can quickly demonstrate the principles and mechanics of grafting by using fast-growing annual vegetables. Volume Six explains the techniques of approach grafting and cleft grafting. Learn the terms and definitions for grafting, and see how to select suitable vegetables for matching the scion (leafy tops) with understock (roots). We demonstrate how to start the plants from seeds and discuss the sowing schedule. We show how to cut and join the plants together using easy-to-see incisions, and also present various methods for wrapping and supporting a new graft. Watch how to assemble a simple humidity chamber for housing the newly grafted plants. Learn how to graft tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and more.

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