Fertilizers: 4 Vol. set

Length: 4 volume set

This in-depth video series presents the interdisciplinary topics of fertilizers and soil fertility. Soil science, chemistry, botany, physics, economics and mathematics all play a role in the strategic use of fertilizers.

This four-part series provides a wealth of information on the essential topic of soil fertility. The relationships between soil, plants and nutrients are explained along with many practical techniques used to accurately, and economically, apply fertilizers. The programs are designed with both instructors and students in mind.

Topics are arranged in a logical manner giving instructors the flexibility to design their lesson plans according to their own teaching style. Throughout the video program, instructors will find many opportunities to incorporate their own information and present the themes and ideas at their own pace. Technical terms are easy to read on any TV screen and animated graphics help students quickly grasp and retain the information.

This series demonstrates the use of fertilizers in agriculture, horticulture and the landscape industry. The intended audience includes high school and university students studying soil science, horticulture, agriculture, botany and environmental science. The content of this series is partly based on agricultural core curriculum standards.

This series includes the following webcasts:
•    Fertilizers: Volume 1
•    Fertilizers: Volume 2
•    Fertilizers: Vol. III- Soil Testing And Fertilizer Terminology
•    Fertilizers: Vol. IV- Fertilizer Programs And Fertilizer Calculations

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