Crazy About Cacti

Length: 20 minutes

Words cannot adequately describe the exotic variety of cacti available to the gardener, or how alien many of them appear to us. The cactus family is a strikingly beautiful and hardy group of succulents whose unique variety is unmatched by decorative texture and ornamental color.

Cacti have evolved to survive in a wide range of environmental conditions. They are best known for their ability to conserve water, and are most easily recognized by their spines. Most people think of cacti as only growing in arid desert areas. They are surprised that certain species of these plants can grow in cold climates, as well as the damp, shady environments of a jungle. They can also be found as high as 15,000 feet in the Andes. Some are smaller than a quarter and others are as big as trees. Some species can live well over 100 years. No matter where you live, you can find cacti that will thrive in your climate.

Visit any modern garden center or attend a local cactus and succulent society meeting and you'll quickly see that this is a plant whose popularity is booming. By following a few simple rules, these plants are incredibly easy to maintain. Many people find that cacti exhibit a charming, almost pet-like attraction. Collecting cacti is an easy addiction, so don't be surprised when your students go "Crazy About Cacti."

In this program viewers see a very wide range of interesting cacti and learn about soil, water, culture, light requirements and propagation techniques to keep their plant collection flourishing. Crazy About Cacti was shot at some of the largest wholesale and best retail cacti nurseries in the country in order to inspire interest in these plants.

Our technical advisors on this program were Dan Lassanske, professor of horticulture at California Polytechnic State University and Rob Skillen, a dedicated cactus collector and researcher who has traveled the world extensively to study cacti. 

Closed captioned for the hearing impared with English subtitles available. Also included is a transcript of the script and a helpful teaching guide with questions for discussion, true/false and multiple choice questions.

Pricing reflects the "public performance right".  This license gives teachers the right to show these programs in your classroom to your students.

Produced By:

San Luis Publishing