Propagation Series Set

Length: 9 volume set

This popular series of videos has been a staple in classrooms across the United States and in many foreign countries. Now you can add a new and important propagation techniques to the three propagation methods previously covered: seeds, cuttings, and vegetative techniques. 

Imagine the convenience as our cameras take your students into locations where they see wholesale nursery operations cranking out millions of plants through commercial propagation techniques. You can't afford to take you classes to all of these types of operations, but you can show them how it all works through the convenience and economy of these programs.

This series includes the following webcasts:
•    Propagation Vol. 1: Seeds (IP)
•    Propagation Vol. 2: Cuttings
•    Propagation Vol. 3: Vegetative Techniques
•    Propagation Vol. 4: Tubers and Tuberous Roots
•    Propagation Vol. 5: Hybridization
•    Propagation Vol. 6: Grafting Vegetables - Approach and Cleft Grafting
•    Propagation Vol. 7: Grains and Legumes
•    Propagation Vol. 8: Tropicals
•    Propagation Vol. 9: Roots

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