Propagation Vol. 9: Roots

Length: 28 minutes

Roots are one of the most nutritional foods on earth, still so many easy-to-grow and delicious root crops never make it to the market. This program presents step-by-step propagation techniques for common as well as unusual root crops grown and eaten throughout the world. In addition to carrots, radishes and beets, we'll introduce students to some of the wild edible roots found in the U.S. Learn about propagation methods for root and tuber crops of the Andes mountain range. South American roots such as oca, mashua and maca are easy to grow in temperate climates since they come from the higher, cooler elevations of the rugged Andes. As a bonus we'll show new techniques (not covered in previous volumes) for growing potatoes and sweet potatoes- two of the most important crops in the world. 

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