Tools for Horticulture Vol. 3: Landscaping, Planting, and Watering Tools

Length: 25 minutes

The third program in this series covers the wide array of hand tools used for landscape development and the installation of plant materials, as well as the equipment needed for efficient water distribution. Post drivers, sledge hammers, wheelbarrows and dirt tamps are just some of the more than 20 tools covered in this volume. The second section of this volume demonstrates the different tools used for sewing seeds, setting bulbs and planting containerized plants. The last section of Volume Three presents the tools and techniques for manual watering and fertilizing systems. The care and repair of watering equipment is included with a sprinkling of manufacturing trivia.

Pricing reflects the "public performance right".  THis license gives teachers the right to show these programs in your classroom to your students.

Produced By:

San Luis Publishing