Tools for Horticulture Vol. 4: Hand Tools For Pruning and Cutting and Hand Tools For Grooming and Curb Appeal

Length: 25 minutes

Volume Four concludes the "Tools for Horticulture" series with the sections titles "Hand Tools for Pruning and Cutting" and "Hand Tools for Grooming and Curb Appeal". The first section of this volume handles the extensive topic of pruning and cutting tools. Pruning saws, loppers, hand pruners, and hedge shears are just a few of the 30+ tools presented in this volume. The final section in the series contains a sweeping collection of the hand tools needed for cleaning up after landscape projects and maintaining gardens of all sizes. Rakes, brooms and forks are demonstrated by professionals who show the audience how to pay special attention to detail.

Pricing reflects the “public performance right”. This license gives teachers the right to show these programs in your classroom to your students.

Produced By:

San Luis Publishing