Tools Series Set

Length: 4 volume set

Tools for Horticulture is an all new, action-packed video series which takes an encyclopedic leap in to the vast area of professional hand tools. The audience will learn about the safe use and maintenance of more than 80 hand tools which re essential to the diverse nature of today's horticultural projects. This program is an absolute necessity for instructors and students of horticulture and agricultural engineering, as well as for professionals working in the fields of landscaping, grounds maintenance and nursery production. General and specific safety guidelines are reiterated throughout the entire series. 

This series includes the following webcasts:
•    Tools for Horticulture Vol. 1: Safety, Design and Selection of Hand Tools
•    Tools for Horticulture Vol. 2: Hand Tools for Digging, Weeding and Cultivation
•    Tools for Horticulture Vol. 3: Landscaping, Planting, and Watering Tools
•    Tools for Horticulture Vol. 4: Hand Tools For Pruning and Cutting and Hand Tools For Grooming and Curb Appeal

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